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26-05-2020, 20:26
The Poophole Loophole - Aspen Ora, Filthy Rich | TeensLoveAnal
Aspen was going away to college so her stepmom and stepdad sat her down to talk to her about sex. They knew she was still a virgin so they told her about the loophole so she could stay pure. They decided to show her how to have anal sex so she wouldnt have to learn with a random young man. Her stepmom insited that she practice giving a blowjob...
25-05-2020, 04:03
Cassidy Discovers Anal - Cassidy Klein, Chad White | TeensLoveAnal
Cassidy went into her stepsisters room to look for some money to go shopping with. When she opened the nightstand drawer to look for her stepsisters wallet she found more than she bargained for - she found anal beads! That made her curious because her stepsister was a virgin. But it made sense to her because if she has anal sex she still remains a...
23-05-2020, 11:39
Anal Cam Girl - Mandy Sky, Mirko | TeensLoveAnal
Mandy was camming as she usually does. Shes a virgin so she only plays with herself on cam. Her viewers were begging her to fuck someone for once but she wanted to stay a virgin. Then they told her about the loophole where if you get fucked in the ass you stay a virgin! So she went in the other room and grabbed her bro, Mirko to have him fuck her...
21-05-2020, 19:16
You Can Have My Ass - Alexa Nova, Filthy Rich | TeensLoveAnal
Alexas stepdad and stepmom were having some troubles because he wants to fuck her in the ass but she would never let him. Thats where Alexa came in. Her plan was to have him fuck her instead of her stepmoms! She overheard them arguing in their room and her stepdad barged out of the room into the bathroom where Alexa came in and told him she could...
20-05-2020, 00:00
Bible Girl Gets Ass Fucked - Aubrey Holiday, Bradley Remington | TeensLoveAnal
Aubrey was going around the neighborhood with a Bible spreading the word of Jesus. She knocked on this guys door and he was having none of it - telling her he doesnt believe that stuff and told her to go away. She followed him up to his room to be persistent about what she has to say. He tells her that she hasnt lived yet and to touch his dick!...
16-05-2020, 18:06
Anal Revenge - Kylie Sinner, Dane Cross | TeensLoveAnal
Kylie found out her boyfriend has been cheating on her for over a year! So she decided to make a tape just for him - a sex tape! She called over Dane, their neighbor who her boyfriend hates. He bent Kylie over and ate that round ass over hers before sticking his fingers in and helping her cum! She returned the favor by getting on her knees and...
14-05-2020, 22:49
The Tutor Gets Tutored - Miranda Miller, Richie Black | TeensLoveAnal
Miranda had over a really popular guy, Richie, from school to tutor him. She always had a crush on him but she was too shy to say anything. Rumor has it that he around with a lot of girls from school. She tells him that shes a virgin and remains to stay that way - he tells her about a loophole where she can have anal sex and still be a virgin!...
13-05-2020, 00:40
Learning From Her Step Dad - Alex Chance, Ryan Mclane | TeensLoveAnal
Alex was in her room crying since her new boyfriend just broke up with her because she wouldnt have sex with him. Her stepdad came in and tried to make her feel better - he also told her theres a loophole to have sex with her boyfriend but still remain a virgin - to have butt sex! They agreed that he would teach her how to do it and then Alexs...
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10-05-2020, 09:12
Anal Lessons From Her Step Bro - Mandy Muse, Bradley Remington | TeensLoveAnal
Mandy keeps being persuaded by her boyfriend to have sex but shes still a virgin and not ready for it because she wants to save herself for marriage. She called her stepbrother, Brad in to talk to her about it - he told Mandy theres a way to have sex but still keep your virginity. Mandy was scared that when she tries it she would suck at it and...
8-05-2020, 13:55
Besties Practice Anal - Amirah Adara, Sara Luvv | TeensLoveAnal
Sara is annoyed at her boyfriend because hes always pestering her every day about having sex. She keeps telling him shes not ready and she wants to save herself for marriage but hes just not getting it. Sara tells Amirah that she overheard some girls at school talking about a loophole to still stay a virgin - having anal sex! She convinces Amirah...