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Exxxtra Small pretty much described their content by choosing this name. They invite tiny babes that are then paired with huge guys who make them appear even smaller. They make reality scenes, which means that every film they put out has a specific plot and scenario that leads to some of the hottest hardcore action imaginable. It is always exciting to see a tiny girl being picked up, tossed around, and fucked by a much bigger stud who can use her as a little fuckdoll. This is what makes their content so dirty and naughty yet fun and enjoyable. All the teens that they feature are young, hot, playful, and ready to get dirty at any given time. These girls might not have the biggest bodies, but they sure know how to play with massive cocks.
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18-12-2020, 12:40
Tiny, Bubbly, Perky - Harmony Rivers, Rion King | ExxxtraSmall
Petite blonde Harmony Rivers enjoys some time outside, dancing, jumping and feeling herself. When Rion King comes over, he takes this tiny fireball for a wild ride....
1 162
17-12-2020, 19:22
Achieving Splits - Alexia Anders, Michael Swayze | ExxxtraSmall
Petite gymnast Alexia Anders is training hard, working on her stretches, but she’s having trouble with her splits. Her coach Michael Swayze comes in to assist her and tells her the only way to achieve full splits is by breaking her hymen, lucky for her, he has the perfect tool at his disposal....
17-12-2020, 04:56
Tiny Bully - Sia Lust, Jax Slayher | ExxxtraSmall
Petite babe Sia Lust is a tiny fireball who likes to compensate her size by bossing around her roommate Jax Slayher. Sia drags Jax out of his room to demand he helps her reach some stuff from the top cabinet in the kitchen, but the requests keep coming after that. Finally Jax has had enough of the tiny bully and decides to teach her a lesson that...
16-12-2020, 14:31
Petite Challenger - Kyler Quinn, Jax Slayher | ExxxtraSmall
Petite cutie Kyler Quinn is ready to take on her biggest challenge as big black dude Jax Slayher will have his way with her. After such a wild ride, Kyler is left properly satisfied and ready for the next challenge....
16-12-2020, 02:58
Benchpressing the Neighbor - Lily Glee, Brad Newman | ExxxtraSmall
Fitness guy Brad Newman was tired of not being able to go to the gym, when he noticed his petite neighbor Lily Glee doing her own workout out in the yard. Lily invites Brad to join her workout, but Brad has some ideas on how he can use her body to benefit both her and himself at the same time....
1 177
15-12-2020, 12:33
Tiny Wild Ride - Kimmy Kim, JMac | ExxxtraSmall
Petite beauty Kimmy Kim is wearing her favorite outfit and she can’t wait to show it off by dancing around the house. Suddenly big dude Jmac comes along and decides to take this tiny fierce girl for a ride....
14-12-2020, 22:07
No Nut November Win - Dixie Lynn, Oliver Flynn | ExxxtraSmall
When petite stepsister Dixie Lynn catches her stepbrother Oliver Flynn playing with himself all the time, she challenges him to do “no nut november”, so for the whole month he’s not allowed to touch himself, and Dixie is confident he won’t be able to resist. But turns out that Oliver wins, so Dixie delivers her beloved prize as promised....
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14-12-2020, 07:42
Want Some Cake? - Madi Collins, Michael Swayze | ExxxtraSmall
Michael Swayze is attempting to bake a cake for some extra credit when his stepsister’s best friend, Madi Collins knocks on the door. Michael lets her in and says she can wait for his stepsister to come back in the living room, as he goes back into the kitchen to continue baking his cake. When Madi gets bored, she follows Michael into the kitchen...
1 286
13-12-2020, 20:09
Tiny Dancer - Lilly Bell, Michael Swayze | ExxxtraSmall
Tiny beauty Lily Bell is dancing around the house, feeling her best self and showing off her cute attributes when suddenly big dude Michael Sweazy starts playfully chasing her. When Michael catches petite Lily, she’s in for the ride of her life....
13-12-2020, 05:44
Out of the Friendzone - Jessie Saint, Danny Mountain | ExxxtraSmall
It’s national girlfriend day, and huge dude Danny Mountain has been on petite Jessie Saint’s friendzone for far too long. Jessie agrees to become his girlfriend but only if he can find her within the next 5 minutes. Danny succeeds and gets to enjoy all the delicious benefits of having tiny Jessie as his girlfriend....