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18-12-2020, 21:20
Search For Wealth - Val Steele, Eddie Dean | TeenPies
Hot teen model Val Steele is in search of a wealthy hookup when she links up with rich dude Eddie Dean. Even though at first she’s skeptical of his wealth, she soon realizes that he’s the real deal and deserves her full attention and care....
17-12-2020, 07:49
Meeting With Coach - Tori Montana, Eddie Dean | TeenPies
Football player Eddie Dean arrives early to his meeting with his coach, so he decides to wait with the coach’s daughter Tori Montana. Tori has always had a crush on Eddie, and since she suspects he’s gonna get drafted soon, this is her last chance to seduce him… lucky for her it works....
15-12-2020, 01:00
Perfect Plan - Nikki Sweet, Johnny The Kid | TeenPies
Nikki Sweet and Johnny The Kid are crazy for each other, but they both still live with their parents so they haven’t had a chance to get intimate. Nikki has waited enough, and she’s ready to lose her virginity, so the next time her parents leave her home alone, she takes full advantage of the situation....
13-12-2020, 08:37
Thank You, Next - MJ Fresh, JMac | TeenPies
MJ Fresh has ditched her boyfriend because he refuses to fulfill her fantasy, lucky for her she quickly finds the perfect guy through a dating app that’s willing to deliver her every request....
12-12-2020, 06:39
Insemination - Aften Opal, Brother Love | TeenPies
Nerdy babe Aften Opal is looking to fuck, and with her pretty face and perfect body, you’d think it would be easy for her. But the catch is, she wants to have a baby! She calls up guy after guy asking them to come over and shoot a load of cum in her teen pussy, but no one will bite. Finally, she gets in touch with a horny stud who can’t stay away....
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10-12-2020, 11:23
Daughter's Best Friend - Remi Jones, Hazel Heart, Milan | TeenPies
When hot stepdad Milan lets his stepdaughter Remi Jones invite her best friend over, he didn’t expect her to be so… curious. Hazel Heart might be petite, but she knows what she wants, so when she catches Milan getting ready, she wastes no time....
8-12-2020, 16:06
Diary Entry - Aria Banks, Logan Lucky | TeenPies
Aria Banks discovers her older sister’s diary, when she starts reading it she finds a very explicit entry detailing an experience she’d had with her boyfriend Logan Lucky. Aria can’t help but to fantasize about what she’s reading, and with such vivid imagination it all feels so real to her....
7-12-2020, 14:08
Take Me Instead - Riley Jean, Logan Lucky | TeenPies
Teen Riley Jean walks back from school with her friend’s boyfriend Logan Lucky. After realizing her friend wasn’t gonna come over, she decided to be the one to take good care of his needs....
2-12-2020, 01:26
Virgins - Alina Belle, Johnny The Kid | TeenPies
Alina Belle is still a virgin, but today, she has a special plan to lose it to her boyfriend. She invites him over while her parents are out of the house, but he’s going to have to be sneaky since her next-door neighbors are so damned nosy! The anxious guy manages to creep in undetected, and when he gets inside, it’s no holds barred. Alina...
30-11-2020, 23:28
Secret Admirer - Kiara Edwards, Johnny Castle | TeenPies
Sweet Kiara Edwards has a flare for writing, and she puts it to use writing love letters to the older guy next door. He has no idea she exists, but when she finally reveals herself while he is at home with his girlfriend, she makes up a whole story that gets him dumped on the spot. Once she has him all to herself, the savage girl takes what she...