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11-07-2020, 12:44
Pretty And Priceless - Lilly Ford, Ike Diezel | TeensLoveMoney
Lilly is on her way to LA to become a star! Too bad no one has been willing to give her a ride. Shes been hitchhiking for hours now and no one has given her the time of day. Luckily, our boy Ike was driving by and hes the type that could never pass up spewing up a fine little bitty. When he hears her story, he figures she could use a little extra...
7-07-2020, 19:18
Hippies Do It Better - Lyra Law, Ike Diezel | TeensLoveMoney
Ike was driving down a deserted road. The route was pretty boring until he saw Lyra sporting her peace, love, and anything helps sign. He just had to pull over and see what her deal was. It turns out she was a free spirited runaway just trying to raise a little money to get a head start on her next adventure. Ike thought she was weird, but also...
4-07-2020, 01:52
Evaluate Your Sex Life - Apolonia Lapiedra | TeensLoveMoney
Apolonia is going around the neighborhood trying to survey people about their healthy living habits. She eventually asks this guy about his sexual health, which wasnt awkward at all. He responds with average, laughs, and then asks Apolonia how she would rate hers. She gets a bit defensive, but then our stud takes control and starts asking all the...
30-06-2020, 17:05
The Price Of Attraction - Riley Momsen, Carson Grundle | TeensLoveMoney
Our producer stumbles across the sweet and sexy Riley in the woods. She needs some cash, and he was about to spend the last he had. He offers her twenty bucks to flash her tits, and he likes what he sees. Looks like he was holding out on us! He had sixty more hidden in there and offers it all if she gets completely naked. For Riley, thats enough...
27-06-2020, 08:18
Turn That Frown Upside Down - Crissy Kay, Carson Grundle | TeensLoveMoney
Crissy is one desperate little slut! Her boyfriend left her stranded with no clothes, no money, and worst of all, no dignity. Well, almost no dignity. The last shred of it was lost when she decided it was ok to give up your pussy for some cash. Our director stumbled across her and really felt for her desperation. He had some extra racks left over...
23-06-2020, 23:32
Anything For Some Euros - Arteya, Robin Reid | TeensLoveMoney
Someone took all of Arteyas money. Shes been wandering around all day looking for pennies on the ground to hopefully get some tapas for dinner. She luckily stumbles across our director, who is not only loaded but looking to spend his cash on a little debauchery. He offers her 30 euro to see some tits, and Arteya flashed them with ease. Another 20...
20-06-2020, 14:45
One Mile At A Time - Cece Capella, Tony Profane | TeensLoveMoney
Lately, it seems that Cece has only been able to live her life just one mile at a time. Not because she is fast or furious, but because it is the only thing thats able to pay the bills right now. Shes a struggling 19 year old who is just trying to get by, and with the economy the way it is, sometimes you have to get a job that you arent meant for....
16-06-2020, 12:39
Lost - Cassidy Banks, Tony Profane | TeensLoveMoney
This girl Cassidy is truly unlucky. Shes lost with no directions, her boyfriend left her, and shes strapped for cash. Thats one of the worst trios of life positions anyone could ever be in. Luckily, she meets Tony who offers to help her out. They go back to his car and get to talking, and Tony asks her how bad she needs money. She responds with...
13-06-2020, 03:53
Lewd In The Library - Penelope Cum | TeensLoveMoney
Penelope is the type of chick that grabs the bull by the horns, or the dude by his cock LOL. She seems like an innocent library nerd, but offer her some cash and she becomes a wild and crazy girl. Flash a tit? No Problem! Suck my cock? No problem! As long as youve got the money this girl is down for anything and everything. She even goes as far to...
9-06-2020, 19:06
Nikkis Ride - Nikki Litte, Robin Reid | TeensLoveMoney
I spot this girl on the phone across the street leaving a building. A curvy little latina that seems like shes having issues with someone. I roll my window down and start to talk to her and it turns out she has no money to get home. I lie to her and tell her I work security around here and that Id offer her some help. Shes reluctant at first but...