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Nikkis Ride - Nikki Litte, Robin Reid | TeensLoveMoney

9-06-2020, 19:06
Nikkis Ride - Nikki Litte, Robin Reid | TeensLoveMoney

I spot this girl on the phone across the street leaving a building. A curvy little latina that seems like shes having issues with someone. I roll my window down and start to talk to her and it turns out she has no money to get home. I lie to her and tell her I work security around here and that Id offer her some help. Shes reluctant at first but then gets in my car. We start to talk and then I offer her some money to show me a little something. Eventually she does and it escalates from there. We go find a secluded area where she drops down and starts blowing me. Were hiding in an abandoned building but Im still on guard if someone comes snooping around. I tell her to get under the stairwell so we could get to some nice, hard fucking started. I pound into her big fat ass with full speed. She looks over her shoulder with a face of pleasure and pain. We move to the floor where I laid out a towel and proceed to fuck her round ass doggy style. I lay down and she sucks my cock a little, just enough to lube it up and slide herself down on my pole. She rides me like a bull, bouncing and gyrating off this dick. We fuck some more and I just get up, stroke my cock in her face and blow a fat sticky load of spunk into her sweet mouth.

Featured model(s): Nikki Litte, Robin Reid

Released: March 1, 2016

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