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7-10-2020, 21:13
Rubbing One Out - Cloe | RubATeen
Cloe is a skinny blonde babe who is ready for a much needed rubdown. She lays out on the massage table for our stud to give her some tender attention, and he immediately gets to work making all the stress of the week melt away. He starts with her back, but quickly moves down to some more sensitive areas. Then he comes around her front, and she...
6-10-2020, 04:49
Deep Anal Tissue Massage - Harper, Nikolas | RubATeen
Harper is a gorgeous teen with a body to write home about. Her legs are long, her ass is fat, and her tits look like you could make a bed out of them. So, our stud is one lucky guy when he gets the chance to massage her naked body today. He whips out the oil and rubs her silky skin from her shoulders all the way down to her feet. Then he shows a...
4-10-2020, 12:26
You Massage Me, I Massage You - Jasmine , Nikolas | RubATeen
How is it that when a hot girl gets a massage from a guy, it so often ends up with his hands inside of her? Jasmine could not be more pleased that this masseur moves his fingers down and in after soothing her skin with a nice helping of oil and some tender love and care. He works those knots out and then plays with the edges of her pussy lips...
19-09-2020, 11:48
Rub My Pussy Tender - | RubATeen
Hazel is a sexy teen with a tight little body. Shes young but she knows theres no better way to relax than a nice long massage. She strips down to nothing and climbs on top of the table, with only a small hand towel covering her firm ass. Her masseuse applies a generous amount of oil and rubs the tension out of her lithe frame. When his magical...
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14-09-2020, 10:38
Deep Tissue Fucking - Liliana, Edward | RubATeen
Liliana is a brunette beauty with sexy dermal piercings. She went for her usual bi monthly massage and was feeling extra tense. Her masseur can always sense this and knows that after he gives her the deep tissue massage that he must also give her a deep tissue fucking. He allows her to ride him, and she allows him to plow her twat nice and deep....
4-09-2020, 22:43
Deep Tissue Orgasm - Aubrey, Pitt | RubATeen
Aubrey had heard about a local masseur that not only gives an amazing deep tissue massage, but also a wild deep tissue orgasm. The massage comes first, then she was required to suck the masseurs cock. Once that was complete, he began to ram her tight cunt and asshole until Aubrey felt a deep body sensation she had never thought was possible. Her...
29-08-2020, 05:10
Slow And Sensual - Erin | RubATeen
Erin signed up for a slow and sensual massage. It started off amazing. Her stress and tension practically melted away with every touch. She was delighted when her masseur started to rub her tits and ass also. She had not been with a man in the longest and was hoping he would maybe even go a little further. Sure enough his fingers ended up stroking...
21-08-2020, 00:59
All Inclusive Massage - Callie Nicole | RubATeen
Callie is a european beauty with chronic back pain so she signed up for a free massage! Right away her masseur was hitting all the right spots. She especially liked when he worked his way all up into her tight teen pussy. She could tell this was going to lead to sex, but wanted to treat this guy too since he was treating her so right. She sucked...
5-08-2020, 12:49
Lay Back And Relax - Chloe, Sean | RubATeen
Chloe is one freaking hot teen! A teen with natural perky tits, long flowing hair, sexy long legs, and a great body. She is dressing in really sexy black silk panties and matching thigh highs. She strips out of them for her masseur. He starts to rub her down. He takes time rubbing her legs, ass and then starts to creep into her inner thighs. She...
31-07-2020, 23:11
Trigger Point Pussy Massage - Emily, Edward | RubATeen
Emily needed to get rid of stress and tension in her body. She decides to get a full body massage. Emily strips down for her masseur and reveals a fantastic hourglass shaped body, scrumptious tits, a great fucking ass, and a very neat pussy. She lays down on the table and her masseur does a great job rubbing her down. Then he gets between her legs...