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6-05-2020, 18:39
Answering Alices Anal Prayers - Alice Green, Chad Diamond | TeensLoveAnal
Blair and Alice were talking after school about sex and Blair let Alice know about the loophole she found out about - where you can have anal sex but still remain a virgin! When Blair left Alice got on her knees and started praying, looking for answers to see if it was real and they were answered when she got a call from her guy friend! He came...
3-05-2020, 12:45
Maya Stays Pure - Maya Grand, David Loso | TeensLoveAnal
Mayas mother is worried that she has been hanging out with the wrong crowd and possibly having sex, losing her virginity and purity so she calls up with bible study teacher to have him talk to her one on one. When he goes over her house she admits that she is still a virgin but she thinks about what it would feel like if his penis was inside of...
1-05-2020, 14:35
One Year Analversary - Nickey Huntsman, Logan Pierce | TeensLoveAnal
Today was Nickeys one year anniversary with her boyfriend when he brings over a bouquet of flowers in hopes to finally have sex with her. She convinces him that shes has to save herself for marriage and he gets furious that its been a whole year and she wont even let him fuck her! He goes into the bathroom and contemplates what hes going to do,...