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28-10-2020, 19:12
An Anal Agreement - Amethyst Banks, Rion King | TeensLoveAnal
When Diamond Banks gets home and sees that the house is a mess, she is pissed. Her boyfriend is a total slob, and even though he may be good at fucking her, this is just too much. Diamond cannot live like this! She tells him that they can try anal if he keeps the house clean in the future, and all of a sudden, things spruce up real nicely....
26-10-2020, 12:23
Have You Ever Tried The Real Thing? - Nova Cane, Romeo Price | TeensLoveAnal
Nova Cane is a classic horny blonde teen. As soon as she gets a stepmoment alone, she plays with her body like its a wonderland. She sticks toys in her holes and changes positions like she just cannot get enough of her own sexuality. So, when our stud shows up and sees that there is a bejeweled buttplug in Novas tight teen ass, he understands...
23-10-2020, 23:48
Business In Her Behind - Serena Avery, Johnny Castle | TeensLoveAnal
Serena Averys stepdad is a pretty traditional guy. So, when he sees her dressed in a skimpy tank top that shows off her cleavage, he is none too happy about it. He tells her to change before his business partner comes over for a meeting. But when the partner shows up, he is super turned on by Serenas sexy bod. He approaches her in the kitchen,...
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21-10-2020, 14:06
Revenge Of The Cuckold - Jane Wilde, Logan Pierce | TeensLoveAnal
Jane Wilde is slick, but not slick enough. She has been around on her man with his friend for a while, thinking she could get away with it. But when he gets wind of the cuckolding, he is none too happy. He packs up all her bags and invites her to come over to pick them up. Then, he reveals that he knows all about her little secret. To punish her,...
19-10-2020, 04:24
A Lecherous Loophole - Ariel McGwire, Jake Adams | TeensLoveAnal
Ariel McGuire has that look and voice that lets you know she is thinking about dick twenty four seven. So, when our stud shows up to her house to beg her stepdad to give him a passing grade, he immediately knows that she is looking for a hard pounding. She shows him inside the house and reveals that her stepdad makes her get checked by a doctor to...
16-10-2020, 15:49
Meat Stick Suppository - Vienna Rose, Mike Mancini | TeensLoveAnal
Vienna Rose is a cute little blonde with the innocent face of an angel. When she goes in to get her yearly check up, her doctor wants to make sure that she is the healthy and happy teen she should be. He gives her a breast exam, and she gets a little excited as he feels up her cute tits. But while she is there, he tells her he should check...
14-10-2020, 03:14
Plight Of The Cumemployed - Daisy Stone, Johnny Castle | TeensLoveAnal
Daisy Stone is definitely a stepdaddys girl. So, when her stepdad comes home with a long face, she is concerned. He tells her that he has just been fired, and he has no idea what will become of their future. Daisy springs into action. She goes over to his bosses house and tells him she will do whatever it takes to get her stepdads job back. The...
11-10-2020, 14:39
Anal Sex 101 - Lyra Lockhart, Kyle Mason | TeensLoveAnal
Whats up Skeeters! Here at Team Skeet, we want to help you and your girlfriend have all the anal fun you can handle! So here is how to do it. If you do not have any lube, a great option is to start by eating some ass. Our stud demonstrates on the beautiful and ass-endowed, Lyra Lockhart. Just watch as she bends over and exposes her tight teen...
9-10-2020, 02:04
A Gaping Loophole - Gabriella Paltrova, Johnny Castle | TeensLoveAnal
Gabriella Paltrova is just moving into the building when she runs into our stud and s her bags all over the floor. Being the gentleman he is, he immediately checks to see if Gabriella is okay after the head on collision. Luckily, Gabriella is just fine, and this meet cute turns out be the beginning of a beautiful courtship. But after two long two...
6-10-2020, 13:29
Unboxing A Bride - Luna Rival, Romeo Price | TeensLoveAnal
Luna Rival is a gift, that is for sure. But showing up in a cardboard box is just another level of ridiculousness! Somehow, this stud is not fazed at all. The only discrepancy seems to be that he ordered this mail order bride to his business address instead of his home address. Well, that is life sometimes. Mistakes happen. But our stud is not...