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Penis Thigh Trap - Alyce Anderson, Bambino | TeenPies

19-09-2020, 23:21
Penis Thigh Trap - Alyce Anderson, Bambino | TeenPies

Alyce Anderson is on a mission. Squats, lunges and leg extensions...although she hasn’t really worked out in awhile, she knows that with the right amount of determination, her living room can be her gym. When her husband walks in on her doing squats, he’s surprised, but he’s too busy enjoying the view to give it much thought. The next day, he catches her working out in the living room again. This time, she seemed to be choking the life out of a throw pillow in a leg lock. While her man is distracted, Alyce sneaks over to his nightstand and takes the condom he has tucked in his wallet. She resists the urge to take some cash because she wants to stay focused. This is what she’s been training for. She reaches over and surprises him by placing his big cock in her warm, wet mouth. She moves herself into position for the main event, grinding that ass against his raging hard on. He can’t find his condom but he can’t stop himself either. He starts pounding her pussy, hard and rhythmic. He feels himself getting closer and closer, but he’s so mesmerized by fucking her, he doesn’t even notice that she has wrapped her thighs around his midsection, seeming to pull his cock deeper inside herself. She’s so hot, she drives him right to the edge and he tries to pull out of her. Like a python finishing off her prey, her thighs constrict around him and hold him in place while he blows his massive load into her. Some of his creamy milk drips out of her beat pussy, but if all goes to plan, she’s got enough of cum swimming inside her to become a stepmommy.

Featured model(s): Alyce Anderson, Bambino

Released: June 9, 2018

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