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Dirty Hours In The Shower - Lena Paul | TeenJoi

5-10-2020, 11:31
Dirty Hours In The Shower - Lena Paul | TeenJoi

Lena Paul is looking phenomenal in her black, skin tight leotard and sexy cut off jean shorts. She s into the shower and peels her outfit off to get herself cleaned up after a long day. In the process, she shows off her round, sexy ass and the rest of her incredible curves. It seems that even Lena is turned on by her own body, because it is not long before she leans onto the wall of the shower and reaches her hand down to play with her dripping pussy. That is when she turns around and notices someone watching her. She is freaked out at first, but her concerned face soon turns into a smile as she welcomes us to watch her play with her sexy, teen vag. She encourages us to cum while sticking her fingers inside of her and moaning for us to go faster and faster. That is all the encouragement we need, Lena! Do you think Lena is as hot as we do? Let us know in the comments!

Featured model(s): Lena Paul

Released: October 17, 2018

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Duration: 00:26:29
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